How to increase visitor interest rate using & Google Rich Snippets

Floating around the Internet, users prefer to get information by the fastest way and more informative. Search engines improve the quality of information found and the overall search process. Google took the next step of improving their search engine in 2009 by launching Rich Snippets. Since the introduction they have been changing permanently and becoming more adaptive and convenient for users. Google sometimes shows sites on the search page very nicely and extremely informative:

Google Rich Snippets

Google Rich Snippets

Google Rich Snippets

Google Rich Snippets

It can make to be permanently. To reach it we need to use microdata (for example,

The following are links to articles and Google documentation to help implement different types of snippets to your site:

Also it will be helpful to visit this resource. There are descriptions of different snippets and links to their documentations on it.

Let’s consider the most interesting (in the author’s opinion) Google Rich Snippets.

Fast links

One of the most attractive snippets for users is a snippet which is called “Fast links” (other names: “Additional links”, “Sitelinks”):

image description

On Google Search, you’re website could have similar results within 10-14 days if it meets the following requirements:

  • necessary pages should be available from the home page;
  • title and h1 of the page should be short, clear and be the same as the text of links, which lead to these pages;
  • it is necessary to add a description to attribute ALT (it should be the same as the name of the page) if you define a link on a page with an image;
  • fast links are defined for the page;
  • the page is among the first twenty search results;
  • the page is among the first three of the most relevant search results;
  • the page is not infected with a virus now.

We can’t influence the appearance of fast links for our site in Google search results (using code) (see the documentation of Google).

Fast links can be displayed by search results of as for the home page as for internal pages of the site.

If a search bot gets a 404 error after coming to the site by a fast link then the link will be excluded from the search results.

Direct control of fast links in Google is not available.

Personal Search Line

Also Google provides a personal search line by a snippet. Projects get it automatically if users look for them by brand or company name. For example, users can look for the site by requests “comfy” or “комфи”.

The search line appears right in the snippet on the search results page. It allows to look for information of interest and it is not necessary to go to a site immediately. Google provides this function not everybody desirous, but only to favorite sites which the search system chooses.

Google Rich Snipets

There are free WordPress plugins, which allow the addition of snippets right from the admin panel and it is not necessary to edit HTML files.

Google Rich Snippet vs

Let’s compare a set of necessary attributes for a recipe which is required by Google Rich Snippets and presented on the official site

Finally, after correctly filling data for the recipe snippet (see the left column of the table below), the Google search result of your site can look like:

image description

A comparison of the amount of necessary attributes for Google Rich Snippets of a recipe and their full list on can be seen in the table below.

Google Rich Snippets (required items)
nameGoogle Rich Snipets


Google representatives say that a snippet does not influence the ranking in any way. Although, considering that it improves behavioral factors such as attracting more clicks on the link to your site makes this statement so controversial.

Google Rich Snippets serves developer to influence the appearance of information about a site (that will be displayed in search engine) via microdata. We can set up some snippets strictly (with help certain tags and attributes):

Google Rich Snipets

Google Rich Snipets

On display another snippets we can influence only by indirection (by ensuring that the site accords certain requirements, that are needed by Google), for example, fast links and personal search line:

Google Rich Snipets

Useful links

  1. Detail information about Google Rich Snippets (it needs patience, it load very long)
  2. Useful service, that helps to create Rich Snippet: Raven
  3. Online generator of the most popular snippets (see here).

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