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City of animations
How to create city and breathe life into it with SVG and CSS3 Animations

Animations give the web-page some liveliness and if they are high-quality animations, you won’t want to leave the page! Animations are the future, constantly developing, making them a staple in web-development. For that reason we’ve created “Sin City”, a web-page…

How to boost your site using jQuery + AJAX

The issue I came across in day-to-day work seemed plain and straightforward. The goal was to switch pages using AJAX, without page reload. Including animations: before AJAX request and after AJAX response. All these things I’ve done before separately, but…

Virtual Reality
Create your own virtual reality with A-Frame framework

If you are a web developer and want to create your own virtual reality, do not rush to learn Unity or Unreal Engine, instead use JavaScript! What is A-Frame? A-Frame is an open source framework for creating virtual reality using…

Mistakes in JavaScript
How to make your JS cleaner: Top 10 Mistakes in JavaScript

10 Mistakes and Difficulties at the Beginning of My Javascript Career Only after PHP did I start working with Javascript, so mistakes like writing assignment (=) instead of the equality comparison (==) was a thing of the past. Although, there…

Google Image Optimizer
How to optimize your image to calm down Google

A lazy developer is a good developer, or how I became acquainted with Node.js basics For those people who can not wait Click here and you can see everything with your own eyes a live example Every day each of…


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